Hello, my name is

Martin Gavanda

Cloud architect, VMware Instructor, Digital Nomad & Freediver

About me

I have been working within service provider’s environments for 7 years. During that time, I have gain extensive knowledge about Cloud computing and various virtualization technologies. I have design one of the first public cloud offerings within Czech Republic and also worked for cloud services department for one of the biggest telecommunication company in the world. Based on such experience I believe I can deliver broad set of exceptional services related to cloud computing & virtualization.

Martin Gavanda

Current projects

vSphere Architecture & Cloud infrastructure solutions 45%
vSphere remote support 15%
vSphere education & Online teaching 25%
IT Consultancy 15%

VMware vSphere education

I have created complex online portal all about VMware vSphere and related Cloud technologies where you can find a lot of resources connected with Cloud and VMware.

Short list of resources

Blog posts - Don’t miss anything new related to VMware and Cloud

Webinars - List of interesting webinars from various companies like VMware, Cisco, Veeam and others

Online Courses - I have created several on-line courses where you can learn more about VMware vSphere and related products

OTechnical Whitepapers - Unified place for all technical datasheets from various companies

Visit learnvmware.online

My Services

I work as a digital nomad right now so I can help you with broad set of cloud related services remotely. I have wide set of skills related to cloud like VMware administration, Cloud architecture or system administration. Feel free to contact me.


VMware management

Tired of day to day routine VMware administration or performance tuning? I can offer you VMware oriented managed services.

Health Check

Not sure if your IT solution is working as expected? If you need to identify possible bottlenecks and increase performance of your service I am here for you.


Want to move on with your project and you lost your way? Would you like to discuss various aspect of cloud related projects? Let’s do that!

Service design

Let’s have a look at your current business needs and design IT solution that fits like a glove. I am business oriented technical person.

Vendor evaluation

Are you looking for new hardware or software solution? Let me check possible competitors and their services so you can select best solution for your project.


Do you need to update or create documentation of your IT infrastructure? I have work on different size projects but every single one needs to be properly documented.

IT budgeting & TCO

Not sure about your expenses on IT? Do you need to recheck that you have included everything needed in your TCO calculations?

IT assets

IT inventory and assets management can help your organization manage systems more effectively and saves time and money

How can I help?

Looking for skilled VMware administrator or you want to help with your private cloud design? Look no further. Due to my extensive knowledge of cloud, VMware and related technologies I can help you with all kinds of cloud or virtualization projects.


Do you want to improve your VMware vSphere knoweladge?

Have you ever wondered how to set-up your own VMware vSphere infrastructure? How everything is working together to create reliable environment for virtual machines? I have designed this course to help you to understand key concepts of VMware vSphere and I will guide you through whole process of creating your own VMware vSphere infrastructure.

Visit Course

Stay Connected

I publish reference designs and blog post about variation of products and solutions. If you are interested in getting them, please subscribe to my mailing list.

From my blog


Distributed Resource Scheduler is really interesting technology and recently I have written an article regarding DRS as a technology and how it works. This time, I would like to show you two really interesting flings that might help you to understand DRS behavior and resource management of your environment more deeply.

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DRS is a technology that makes your virtual machine happy. DRS constantly monitor your cluster utilization and making sure, that your VMs will get their resources the most effective way. DRS also use another technology – VMware vMotion for actual migrations of the virtual machines between ESXi hosts based on the balancing algorithms and its sensitivity.

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TOne of the new features in vSphere 6.7 is Instant Clone. Well, it’s not exactly new feature, some of you might heard about something called VMfork but since vSphere 6.7 its fully integrated into the vSphere itself. So, what it is? Imagine a situation when you need to (almost) instantly create dozens or even hundred VMs from parent (or source) VM but with possibility to customize new VMs.

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More than 80% of Enterprise IT Organizations Will Commit to Hybrid Cloud Architectures by 2017, Vastly Driving the Rate and Pace of Change in IT Organizations


Why Choose Me?


I am working for more than 7 years on cloud and virtualization projects. From small scale on premise VMware solutions to biggest cloud deployments

Business knoweledge

I am not just a technical expert. I am able to understand your business and processes. Only based on those we can together design perfect solution.


Freelancing means flexibility. I can dedicate enough time for you based on your project needs. Do you prefer per project or per hour billing? No problem!


I have successfully passed numerous technology and business certifications from companies like VMware, Microsoft, ITIL or PRINCE2.


Feel free to contact me. Let’s discuss your project or your needs.

No permanent address, right now working from Czech Republic
+420 776 319 830

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